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Four machines and one brain recycling price list (this price is limited to Sichuan)

categoryVarietyPrice (yuan / unit)categoryVarietyPrice (yuan / unit)
Black and white TV
20—35Flat TV32 inches and below20—100
Color television21 inches and below 30—50Flat TV32 inches or more30—120
Color television22-29 inches40—80refrigeratorDouble door refrigerator50—120
Color television32 inches and above60—100refrigeratorSingle door refrigerator50—100
Color televisionRear projection60—100refrigeratorFreezer50—120
air conditioningCabinet air conditioner100—150computermonitor20—35
air conditioningWindow machine50—75computerHost30—45
air conditioningHanging air conditioner 80—120Cell phoneEach modelRefer to market conditions
washing machineSingle / Double cylinder / Fully automatic 20—100


  Remarks: This price is a guide price, according to the door-to-door view of the new and old degree and status of the appliance, the price can be negotiated and paid in person.

  National unified recycling hotline:028-84955007

Recycling price list of other waste electronic appliances (this price is limited to Sichuan)

CategoryRecycling price (yuan / kg)CategoryRecycling price (yuan / kg)CategoryRecycling price (yuan / kg)
Microwave oven1DVD/VCD/LD machine1Water dispenser  1
Power amplifier1printer1Copier1
fax machine1


Service Hotline028-84955007

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