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DsRvxRsETOa9CTrbX236EQ.jpgSichuan Changhong Gerun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as "Changhong Gerun") is a holding subsidiary of Sichuan Changhong Electronics Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the corporate culture of character, passion, responsibility and resilience, and is committed to building the company into a world-renowned and domestic leader Green renewable high-tech environmental protection enterprise.

Changhong Gerun has formed the basis of dismantling of waste electrical and electronic products. The recycling and utilization of electronic waste, hazardous waste disposal, soil remediation, industrial waste comprehensive utilization and disposal, waste lithium battery recycling, and comprehensive utilization are all in one stop. Integrated service provider.
In order to further respond to the national garbage classification policy and better promote the classification and recycling of domestic garbage and the utilization and disposal of industrial hazardous waste, Sichuan Gerun Zhongtian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

Seize the critical opportunity of the rapid development of the current lithium battery industry, take the recycling of used lithium batteries as a breakthrough, establish Sichuan Changhong Runtian Energy Technology Co., Ltd., take the lead in establishing the Sichuan Provincial Power Battery Recycling Alliance and serve as the vice chairman unit.


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