In order to build the renewable resources business into a true urban mine, Changhong Gerun focuses on "waste electrical and electronic appliances".Over 14 million units,Disassembly volume ranks highestThird in the country and first in the west.


Changhong Gerun arranged the second batch of dismantling catalogs (mainly small electronic products and household appliances) promulgated by the state in advance, and invested 75 million yuan to build an electronic information product disposal plant with an annual capacity of 30 million units in 2018 It can realize the integrated closed-loop disposal of information removal, intelligent dismantling, and confidential destruction of smart wearable devices such as mobile phones, telephones, servers, PADs, head-mounted displays, smart watches, and electronic information products. At present, it has become the demonstration base of the “Technology of Non-destructive Disassembly and Safe Re-use of Completed Used Mobile Terminals” of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Provide confidential recycling and disposal services to government agencies, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, and strictly implement the standard destruction operation process after recycling office electrical appliances during productionEnsure that office and personal information are not leaked.


As the founding unit of China's "Innovation Strategic Alliance for Information Security Protection of Waste Electronic Products", our company has self-developed proprietary Android, IOS and other multi-system information removal tools to provide consumers with professional information removal services, such as mobile phones, PAD, etc.Intelligent products carry out irreversible information removal to fully protect customer information security.



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