The industrialization project of comprehensive utilization of waste flat panel displays aims at the in-depth processing of waste TVs, computers and mobile phone screens to produce industrial-grade raw materials. The company now has a production line for the comprehensive utilization of waste flat panel displays (1 production line for the removal of indium from LCD waste liquid crystal screens and 1 production of silver from PDP waste plasma screens. The total investment of the project is 75 million yuan and it covers an area of 2800 square meters. The annual production line processing The production capacity is 7,000 tons of waste LCD screens, 3,000 tons of waste plasma screens, while recovering 1.73 tons of indium and 3.82 tons of silver. The project is for the recycling, harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization of waste liquid crystal glass.


The company has the ability to further process plastics. It has built a complete set of modified plastic production lines (3 twin-screw production lines, 1 single-screw production line, 1 test machine production line, and 1 electrostatic separator), and has a complete testing laboratory. The production capacity is 20,000 tons. Among them, sorting technology, modification technology, enhanced toughening technology, flame retardant and alloying modification technology have reached the industry leading level, and the deep processing capacity of recycled plastics is among the top five in the industry. Changhong Gerun brand modified plastics have been formed and are widely used Automotive, home appliances, electronic consumer and other fields.

Recycling 1 ton of waste plastic = saving 6 tons of oil. The company has recycled 50,000 tons of waste plastic and saved 300,000 tons of oil, equivalent to a small oil field.


Environmental protection / non-environmental protection HIPS modified granulation

ABS modified granulation

PP modificationGranulation



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