Through on-site audits by relevant units, the company was awarded "Dedicated Destruction Unit for Electronic Products after Decryption" by the Chengdu National Secrecy Bureau.

Disposal objects: desktop computer host, notebook computer, printer, copier, switch, equipment, mobile phone, communication terminal equipment, etc.


The precious metal refining project aims to recycle the precious metals in electronic waste. Regarding the distribution characteristics of electronic waste precious metals, it adopts fine sorting and joint smelting, combined with selective recycling of copper, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other metal products. The process of strict pollution control has achieved water reuse and zero heavy metal emissions in the entire link, and has truly achieved the goals of green and value-added disposal of waste materials recycling, increased value of dismantling and disposal, and reduction of pollution hazards.


The company obtained the "Hazardous Waste Operation Permit" (Chuanhuanwei No. 510121005), comprehensive operation of collection, storage and utilization: HW29 (900-023-29) waste mercury-containing fluorescent tubes and other products generated during the production, sales and use The waste mercury-containing electric light source shall be disposed of harmlessly.

The company achieves the advantages of low-consumption operation, high efficiency and low pollution through the integration of equipment and processes. The whole set of equipment adopts fully sealed negative pressure crushing and distillation equipment to achieve the harmless treatment of waste mercury-containing fluorescent tubes and other mercury-containing electric light sources (3000 tons / year for external operations)

Waste fluorescent lamps and other waste mercury-containing electric light sourcesHW29(900-023-29)

The company obtained the "Hazardous Waste Business License" (Chuanhuanwei No. 510121005), comprehensive management of collection, storage and utilization: HW49 (900-045-49) waste circuit boards (including components, chips, Plug-ins, feet, etc.).

The company is equipped with specialized equipment and comprehensive pollution control measures to achieve 10,000 tons / year of green processing of waste circuit boards.





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